Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Learn More About Photography

To distinguish between the lack of our ability, whether our passion for photography and our desire to be in the photo business is also reflected in the way in which we try, people to say what we do. Photography, for example customers, no matter what kind of equipment we use. They don't care how many mega-pixels we have, nor how much our equipment cost us, nor what brand of camera we use. Photography customers (current and potential) want to know what we can, and will, produce the highest quality of photography that works for you. You, the mechanic, thought our car that tell us which tools you use to repair. The chefs in the restaurants that we patronize and tell us what type of pots, pans or stoves that they use. In these companies there is still not the best way to know what the customers want, in order to give it to you. To do, to understand, in other words, in other companies, better the work of their " niche.' In order to start a photography to grow business successfully, we must be clear what niche we offer you, how you will sell the benefits of our niche to the customers. Another error to which we know that we budding photography business owners to specialize, you are not "going back" (our photography niche) in what we do. As a photography enthusiast, took pictures of everything and everyone. As a photographer it is a good thing. However, if we offer photography business, we are trying, mistakenly, that "all things to all people" - we take every photography job will take us. An obvious problem with this approach, our errors, so drastically, and experienced photographers, in the eyes of the customer. Reduce the value of what we do accidentally, we want our customers (current and potential), we can take pictures of what, after all, we photographers are very diverse! What customers really see that we're not "versatile photographers," we are just someone with a camera to take photos, when you call us. Serious photography customers (re: those who can afford to spend regularly) want to do business with specialists - photographers that know their photography niche. Successful wedding photographers are clear on this, as an example of what I mean. Their 'primary' customer (usually the bride) dreamed of the day of your wedding for most of your life. She is not looking for a vesatile photographer. She wants a "wedding photographer", they "look" good, happy and beautiful as them in all their life-long dream of your day-your wedding day is a special ability for this type of photography service In fact, this niche has more to do with highly developed skills in dealing with people,' in my opinion. Successful wedding photographers are clear on these nuances are more successful in the business.
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Sunday, November 30, 2014

We tested the Sony QX100, smart lens to turn your smartphone into a camera

The last step between mobile photography accessories are the smart lens that turn your smartphone into a camera photography. For the past few weeks we have had the opportunity to test the camera Sony QX100, a compatible accessory with iOS and Android that you can control from your phone. Here we tell you our impressions.

Brands like Sony and Nokia are making a strong bid for mobile photography in some of their latest models, many users do not know if defined as smartphones with cameras camera or smartphone. But the last step to try to bring the user experience of mobile photography to that of an SLR lens are known as smart as the QX100 camera.

This accessory Sony is compatible with any smarpthone with NFC for iOS and Android ecosystems and must be emphasized that these devices does not matter the quality of the camera on your smartphone, since the objective QX100 operates independently and your phone only serves as a screen and camera driver through the WIFI connection to the device.

The camera does not need therefore be attached to your smartphone, it can take the photos from the target itself with the disadvantage that you have no viewfinder frame. But if you prefer to dock your smartphone to make the experience more akin to a conventional compact camera, you can also do it with a fastening system that perfectly fits different size phone. We've tested with a Xperia Z1, an iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and Xperia Z Ultra. And all been coupled perfectly with the exception of the last, which due to its size, needs a specific case, because the clips supplied accessory can be extended to a maximum width of 54-75 mm and a depth of 30 m unfit for phablets like Sony.

But how do you connect to your smartphone? Here come the ubiquitous apps. The connection is WiFi and camera phone link must download the PlayMemories Mobile app (available for Android and iOS devices) to control the target and which will access various camera functions on our smartphone as the viewfinder, shutter, zoom, focus, and other settings.

But before getting down and show you some example photos quickly reviewed the technical characteristics of the target. QX100 camera provides 20.2 megapixel sensor; 3.6x optical zoom for photos and video; the type of lens that fits is the Carl-Zeiss Vario Sonnar T coated and sensor Exmor R CMOS Sensor 1.0 (13.2 x 8.8 mm) with F1.8 brightness (G) -4.9 (T ). And recorded in JPEG (photos) and MP4 (video) formats.

Below you can see a picture taken with smart len Sony Xperia Z from Ultra, and the same scene photographed a few seconds before the Xperia Z Ultra without the smart len.

As for storage of our photos can be saved in the camera (you can insert microSD and MemoryStick) or directly on the smartphone with which we use, from which we can in turn share them on social networks, message or email directly.

Among the pros is that the QX100 allows manual focus control, with which about your experience to a camera photography. Also your weight, because if what you want is to have a good camera but not carry it, the few 165 grams (179 gs if we add the adapter) that weighs this accessory are hard to beat for a quality camera. Also allows you to record HD video (30p) enough quality, thanks to MP4 format CMOS sensor.

Moreover, zoom and focus can be adjusted manually from the screen of your smartphone or from the control ring of the lens and Optical SteadyShot function eliminates the effect of hand tremor to help the images from being always focused and crisp. Incidentally, he also was a pleasant surprise autonomy. The Sony QX100 works with rechargeable via microUSB or network adapter, but in tests we lasted several hours at full capacity. The only drawback here is that you depend on your smartphone to your days of photography and that we know the batteries last less.

Among its major weaknesses is obviously notice the difference with an SLR camera shutter speed and power, slower response in the QX100 that we enjoy in a camera to use simply because of the connection between devices . It also has no flash, but this we have solved using flashlight smartphone when we needed, and that the screen of your smartphone do not have a pictogram like yes you enjoy on the screen of a reflex to control aspects of the image before shooting. And finally, the photos can be saved in JPEG only. Big mistake. For the recording format RAW is not available for now.

In conclusion, a new step in the field of mobile photography with pros and some flaws, but it has been very interesting and we hope that will solve their failures in future releases. Most doubt the success we generated the price. We suspect that nearly 450 euros for the Sony QX100 dismayed to most amateur photographers, being a price range which can already be done with very good cameras to start experimenting and playing with photography, despite losing the advantages of mobility offered by this device.
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Benefits of a digital camera

If you are a person who likes to take pictures, then digital camera is probably an invention that can not fail to consider. Practical and reliable, the digital camera is probably the most imaginative development in the world of photography to the present.

Digital cameras are electronic devices that capture and store images digitally, replacing the photographic film. A digital camera, however, requires a memory or a storage medium to store all photos. Some of the most popular storage devices include floppy disks, CDs, DVDs, memory cards (such as Microdrives or Compact Flash Cards, Memory Sticks, MiniSD Cards, MicroSD cards, etc.), FP memory and many others. Although storage devices such as CD or yes need a computer, can be used as standalone devices PictBridge printer, enabling printing photos directly from the camera.

Benefits of a digital camera one of the great advantages of using a digital camera is that, unlike conventional cameras, these devices can record, store, retrieve, remove, edit and manage pictures according to your preference or necessity. Digital cameras allow photographing and videoing of considerable duration. The quality of sound and image varies from one camera to another, although in most cases a digital camera can allow the user to perform at least a good video.

Another major benefit of using a digital camera is that these devices are mostly very portable and can be
easily transported
from one place to another. And although these teams are delicate and should be handled with care, you can ensure that today digital cameras are not difficult to care for. If the user holds it in a case and due care will be dispensed, the chamber will have a long life. Although in most cases digital cameras feature an extensive warranty period, care is extremely necessary.

Like all electronic devices, digital cameras also have a large number of options that become more complex and developed with the rapid advancement of technology. Although dependent on the price of the camera and its manufacturers, there are certain features that became common to almost all models. Currently, it is not uncommon to find digital cameras with optical zoom, image adjustment and automatic features that help improve the quality of the image obtained. The settings relating to shine, light, color, etc., can also be modified for each user.

A digital camera is powered by batteries or batteries: recharge batteries varies from one model to another, and depends on the type of battery you are using. In general, almost all batteries are rechargeable, which besides being a money saver eliminates a cause of environmental pollution.

Currently almost all known brands, and even some not well known, manufacture digital cameras. No need to add that every day, there are more companies that include among their products, which has the effect of making cameras increasingly sophisticated ever lower prices. Benefits of a digital camera with such a scenario, what person can resist having their own digital camera?
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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thirty-Five Photography Tips From Professional Photographers

This is a list of tips, rules and things to know about armed photography by professional photographer Eric Kim. Originally posted on Gizmodo, but I liked it so much I wanted to share with you

1. Just because someone has an expensive camera does not mean it's a good photographer.

2. Always take pictures in RAW format. Always.

3. A fixed lens helps you become a better photographer.

4. Editing your photos is an art in itself.

5. The rule of thirds works 99% of the time.

6. Macro photography is not for everyone.

7. UV filters work as well as the lens cap.

8. Go outside and take photos instead of spending hours on forums about photography.

9. Capture the beauty of the mundane and have a great photograph.

10. Roll is not better than digital.

11. Digital is not better than to roll.

12. No camera or lens magic.

13. Best lenses do not get better pictures of itself.

14. Spend less time looking at the work of others and more time growing your own.

15. Do not carry your DSLR to parties.

16. Women like photographers.

17. Take pictures in black and white does not make art.

18. People always credit you away if you tell them you used Photoshop. Better tell that procesaste in your digital darkroom.

19. It is not necessary to take a picture of everything.

20. Have at least two parts of each photo. As they say in the war, two is one and one is nothing.

21. Leave the neck strap and get a hand to.

22. Get close to what you're photographing, often makes it look much better.

23. Be part of the scene, not just an observer.

24. Taking pictures squatting often makes them look more interesting.

25. Worry less about technical issues and more for each image composition aspects.

26. Cover the logo of your camera with black ribbon, I will highlight less.

27. Always low exposure 2/3 of a point when in full sunlight.

28. The more photos you take out, the better you will be.

29. Do not be afraid to take multiple photos of the same scene at different exposures, angles or openings.

30. Just show your best photos.

31. Any camera is still a camera.

32. Join a photography forum online.

33. Criticises the work of others.

34. Think before you take the picture.

35. A good picture is self-explanatory, but context information never hurts.

It would seem that the base is: take as many pictures as you can (and not look stupid).
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What is photography to you?

Eager to learn photography for beginners
A digital photography course for beginners is possibly one of the most important things you can study smoothly, because digital photography is one of the most accepted and promoted technologies in recent decades it has advantages in digitizing images.

Also perfect to use this technology requires analysis and professional advice which can professionalize and teach.

A digital photography course is an excellent reference that helps you take from start to finish this race in the art of photography

What is photography to you? Nowadays the digital camera has become an important and fashionable technological product, and this has made the film industry impulse, but to take pictures not only enough to have a camera but you need to understand how they can be making and enhance photos.

That is why it is all part of a process that is necessary to understand by a free photography course for beginners.

The success of many people take digital photographs applies in particular purpose and method of making the decision, so it is necessary to study a photography course to learn in depth the various techniques that exist for each type of photography.

Since you will realize later that for everything there different ways to take pictures, they can be for children, for meetings, for pets, science fiction etc.

This course is an excellent opportunity for all people who are interested in the photographs, there may also find useful things, advice and images that are shown as examples in order to increase their knowledge and enjoy full so the use of a camera digital.

photographs from scratch is very important as to pass to the next level you need to know the basics.

However if a person learns differently photography sometimes costing accommodate or adapt to technical and that there is a problem that many people have today and is holding them back in the picture, so it is important to study a course free digital photography for beginners.

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Friday, November 14, 2014

How to create a background image to customize the Twitter page

Accurate to use an image, photo or background to our personal style in Twitter, infographic with all the steps and demonstrates how our page looks in different resolutions monitor user actions.
Customize and give an original touch to our Twitter page can be very beneficial if you use this network to promote your brand, business, blog or website.
Twitter gives the option to upload a background image to be displayed in the windows of the application, not talking photo user profile but replacing the classical background of waves predetermined by a personal image.
In the fund can add graphic elements to make the page more attractive and at the same time inform the new user joins, that is your page and what you can find if follow.
It can also be used to put our usernames on other social networks, our blog or contact information you deem necessary and has not been possible to include in the Bio.
There is always the option of choosing a template of the many that Theme offers, but none of them have the impact you can achieve using your own theme.

Measures should have the background image for the page to Twitter.
The background image that will never be used if the user comes to Twitter from a portable device (a mobile or tablet), or using a client, but fortunately most accessed using the web browser.
If you expand the width of your browser on Twitter, you'll notice that the content frame always stays the same width is 865 pixels, the remaining free space on the left and the right is that you can leverage to your advantage.

This space logically, varies according to the resolution of the user's screen as follows:
• Those who use a resolution of 1024 pixels, will be a free space to the left of 66 pixels.
• Those who use a resolution of 1280 pixels, 194 pixels will be.
• In 1366 pixels will be 238 pixels.
• In 1366 resolutions will be more than 520 pixels
Now we must consider what are the most used resolutions are
They use 1024 pixels or more = 99% of users
Up to 1280 = 82%
Up to 1366 = 56%
Over 1366 = 42%

What size do you choose for the bottom of the page to Twitter?
With this information you can make sure that it makes sense to put in your background image elements that do not exceed 194 pixels, thus be visible for more than 80% of the visitors.
How to create the image for the background of the page to Twitter?
It can be used to create the background any image editor, either the popular Photoshop you are free to Paint included in Windows can use it well, you just have to consider saving the image to the required width measurement.
The height measurement is not critical, can be 600 pixels to be displayed in most browsers.
The image format must be PNG, GIF, or JPG and be less than 800 KB.
The GIFT Animated images are not supported.
It is not mandatory to create a montage or collage, you can use an existing photo that represents your interest, you just have to cut it.

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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Wedding Plan the wedding showroom Hospitality Valencia

The first edition of Wedding Plan 2013 was held late last November. The idea behind it is concentrated in one space providers of essential sectors to organize a perfect wedding.

Wedding Plan is an urban fair with a different flavor and charm. Flee the concept of massive and aggressive in trade fair. We intend that people who come to visit us to find the best among the best. There are all being (because there are many very good) but everyone.

A selection of the best brands presents its services and proposals for the new season of weddings. By drawing a parallel could say: "We want the showroom is known as the House Decor weddings".

Wedding Plan the wedding showroom Hospitality Valencia
The process of selection of participants was intense. The criteria were on one hand the experience and

prestige but in turn also bet for younger companies that stand out for their originality and freshness.
A balance between the strongly established professionals in the sector and less established companies with strong potential but sought.

Our criteria should not go far wrong because in the last issue of the magazine Telva Brides (February 2014) has left a list of the 10 indispensable to organize a wedding and 7 which includes the "bible brides" were in Wedding Plan .No wonder nothing because all work dramatically!
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