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action of light on surfaces sensitized

Photography is art that to result it " feel sensitive ones and to has value the new having a look ."

Under Water Photography Tips and Techniques

Underwater photographers make it their mission to capture this hidden world on camera and bring to those people who will never get a chance to see it firsthand. The under water world requires a specific skills and techniques that are different from general photography skills.

The Art Of Child Photography

Children are fun and exciting to work. They give us the most amazing looks and expressions naturally. All the photographer has to do is to allow the child to be, understand and capture the moments at the appropriate time and in the most appropriate light an settings.

Hellgate is back

The image can tell us much about our history shows us how far we got and how far we still have to go. ...

Post with links

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For those who love the world of photography, know my writings below. In principle. Exactly the same information about the types and genres of photography, there are many types of photography. You can choose how to focus on their fields or even dabble in two or three areas want. Here are various ways to help to understand the whole area.

A Wedding Portrait Photography
This is the popular vote, because everyone wants a good day pictures of her foundation. Requires an experienced photographer, a smile, to capture a certain look. It usually takes more than a hundred different images in color, black and white and brown. You only take the best and present them the newlyweds.

2 Glamour and Fashion
They are usually a picture of the model. Photo Glamour magazine advertising men of good will, he focuses mainly on the model. Fashion focused on product or clothing.

3 Advertising Photography
It was filmed primarily reasons to sell your product. And should "have a good set of professional photographers from the case of a design firm or advertising agency.

Food Photo 4
The packaging is for the publication, editing. It's like a picture of life, but qualified know-how in high-quality instruments to absorb the essence of food.

5 Art Photography
It is used to make the vision and products will be purchased by the customer. This view can be found in the phone book, or a museum.

6 Press
The pictures were that kind of sale of the new section or history taken. We can see in our daily lives, such as newspapers and magazines.

7 View photo
These are pictures from different locations and shot for calendars, postcards and souvenirs.

8 Nature Photography
They take pictures of the different types of interesting animals in action, such as eating fly, or fight. This was taken with a telephoto lens far. Many photographers use blinds or camouflage while taking in nature photography.

What types of photography and perhaps much more if we were to describe in detail.