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action of light on surfaces sensitized

Photography is art that to result it " feel sensitive ones and to has value the new having a look ."

Under Water Photography Tips and Techniques

Underwater photographers make it their mission to capture this hidden world on camera and bring to those people who will never get a chance to see it firsthand. The under water world requires a specific skills and techniques that are different from general photography skills.

The Art Of Child Photography

Children are fun and exciting to work. They give us the most amazing looks and expressions naturally. All the photographer has to do is to allow the child to be, understand and capture the moments at the appropriate time and in the most appropriate light an settings.

Hellgate is back

The image can tell us much about our history shows us how far we got and how far we still have to go. ...

Post with links

This is the web2feel wordpress theme demo site. You have come here from our home page. Explore the Theme preview and inorder to RETURN to the web2feel home page CLICK ...

For us, the camera is an important tool for event pictures. Camera lens will change significantly and so many different kinds of object of the picture you can visit, and most of the way to mount the camera.

Field of view (focal length) are better suited for different subjects and even some camera lenses have specific features that meet certain requirements, such as the structure of a macro focusing as insects, plants, close contact, etc. .. All kinds of good photography of any length.

So not only is often difficult to know where the camera lens is best for your needs, but also need to know to fit the camera lens or image on your system. This is what is called the mount lens.

In short, all manufacturers have their (not entirely true, but a good starting point) ... There are many destinations that are in the mountains, including many incumbent Canon EF / EF-S mount system (Canon EF and EF-S), a broad range of Nikon lenses and Pentax, Sony / Minolta and the new Micro Four Third 4/3rds, E-Mount Sony and Samsung NX Games. So of course it was a Sigma, which lenses for the camera makes all elses, depending on their as well. On the other hand, professional-quality consumer glass.

For this type of photography as a kind of lens. With this objective, there are several categories of experts Tilt Shift, and then the macro lens, telephoto switched normally. Here is a list that does not necessarily.

- Macro: - Insects and Plants
- East - architechtural
- Wide Angle - Documentary Vistas and Views
- Standard - portraits, events, editorial, journalism, marriage
- Telephoto - Sports, Wildlife, Events, Journalism

Usefulness of the different types of lenses, which we call the attention from one object to the images.