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action of light on surfaces sensitized

Photography is art that to result it " feel sensitive ones and to has value the new having a look ."

Under Water Photography Tips and Techniques

Underwater photographers make it their mission to capture this hidden world on camera and bring to those people who will never get a chance to see it firsthand. The under water world requires a specific skills and techniques that are different from general photography skills.

The Art Of Child Photography

Children are fun and exciting to work. They give us the most amazing looks and expressions naturally. All the photographer has to do is to allow the child to be, understand and capture the moments at the appropriate time and in the most appropriate light an settings.

Hellgate is back

The image can tell us much about our history shows us how far we got and how far we still have to go. ...

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Many species in the selection of the camera lens. There are expensive with good quality and good, but it is also a good market with good quality. The choice is ours. But I suggest you choose on the basis of our funds.

Each are equipped with a digital SLR from Canon before the same unenviable task. He or she must choose the right targets. This will vary from one photographer to another, but somehow lens that Canon shooters need is a portrait of Canon. The interesting thing is that the lenses can not qualify as a true portrait lens.

In this paper we consider different types of glass that fits the bill. Of course, if you are a professional, we recommend a special lens, the image of the head, working with professional models. Besides professionals, there are plenty of width on the type of glass.

Explanation of the lens on the camera are:

A. - a normal lens: normal focal length of 35 mm to 100 mm or so. Many people buy a zoom lens of her camera lens focal length instead of one. You can download images from a large head whole-body imaging with a focal length of 35-100 mm. It depends on how far the subject. Has the enormous advantage has a wide opening for this type of recording. Opening width is a little larger than f/3.6. Even the best shots came very expensive price of thousands of dollars in equipment and F-stop of 1.2 has a wide opening. But the good news is that you can achieve results very close to their advantage with very expensive equipment. So many lenses, which have set statement as well.

B. - wide-angle lens: There are many who think and claim that you do not portraits with wide angle glass. But it is not necessarily true. Even if you do not want a typical head shot, that can happen to a deformation, if you just close enough to head frame, portrait photographer with a full body, beautiful scenery can make some very desirable. With wide-angle to fit the original hypothesis that can be almost anything, telephoto lenses.

C. - Medium telephoto lens: medium telephoto lens can be found in almost all professional digital SLR cameras. They are very popular for portraits. One of the most popular in this category is the Canon 70-200 f/2.8L. In fact, this flagship of the optical lens from Canon Corp., that almost every photographer wanted to photograph him in action. For portraits, a greater flexibility, stood as a photographer, and to allow a blurred background is highly desirable. But a piece of glass in the middle category 135 mm Canon telephoto lens. It's a little "long portraits, but the results were used when this lens is a star.

D. - Cheap Canon portrait lenses, but not all professional photographers are able, glass, there is good news for you. Usually when you buy a new digital SLR camera, it comes with the kit lens. For cheap cameras that would be 18-55mm zoom. Other targets have "kits" that many people buy with their new Canon DSLR. This is a 50-250mm Canon zoom. In recent years, two kit lenses give dramatically better results in most cases. These include portraits. No, you're not the right quality of the glass is professional, but good enough.

Get real portrait of the Canon lens is not rocket science. Know how to get a good picture can do even more than the price for a good cause will be worth. So even if you have a lot of work on your technique, glass lighting, composition, and perhaps the most important aspect of the relationship with the model.